Șor Party

Șor Party

Partidul Șor
PresidentIlan Șor
Founded27 October 1998
IdeologyNational conservatism
Political positionSyncretic[a]
European affiliationAlliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe
7 / 101
District Presidents
0 / 32

  1. ^ The party does not define itself as belonging to either side of the political spectrum and its programs include both right and left-wing policies while its philosophy mixes Moldovan identitiy with support for the Soviet Union.

The Republican Socio-Political Movement Equality (Mișcare Social-Politică Republicană Ravnopravie) is a political party in Moldova.[1]


The party was founded in 1998 by Moldovan politician Valery Klymenko.[2]

At the legislative election on 6 March 2005, the party won 3.8% of the popular vote, but no seats.

The party intended to participate to the 2014 election, but later withdrew its list.[3]

In 2015, the party decided to nominate Ilan Shor for Mayor of the town of Orhei. Shor, who was at that point in time under house arrest,[4] won a majority of the votes in the first round of the election and subsequently became the leading figure within the party.[2]

On 1 December 2018 the party joined the Alliance of Conservative and Reformists in Europe.[5]

In December 2018, the party created a model collective farm based on its own election program in the Orgeev region, dubbing it the "Commune of Dreams".[6][7][8]

At the legislative election of 2019, the party 8,32% of votes and elected seven MPs, entering parliament for the first time in its history.[9][10]

The party organized a Victory Day parade in Chișinău on 9 May 2019.[11][12]


The party's ideology is based on social conservatism, Moldovan identity and support for establishing a welfare state. The party's 2019 program introduced points such as:[13]

The opening paragraphs of the party's 2008 election program state that it viewed the average person's quality of life as superior under the Soviet Union when compared to modern times. It further stated that it viewed Moldova's socio-economic problems as relating to Moldova's negative relationship with the Russian Federation.[14]


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