17th Primetime Emmy Awards

17th Primetime Emmy Awards
DateSeptember 12, 1965
LocationHollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, California
Presented byAcademy of Television Arts and Sciences
Hosted bySammy Davis, Jr.
Danny Thomas
Most awardsHallmark Hall of Fame (3)
Most nominationsHallmark Hall of Fame (5)
Outstanding Program Achievements in EntertainmentThe Dick Van Dyke Show
Hallmark Hall of Fame: "The Magnificent Yankee"
My Name Is Barbra
Young People's Concerts: "What Is Sonata Form?"
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The 17th Emmy Awards, later known as the 17th Primetime Emmy Awards, were handed out on September 12, 1965. The ceremony was hosted by Sammy Davis, Jr. and Danny Thomas. Winners are listed in bold and series' networks are in parentheses.

The structure of the ceremony was a complete departure from previous years. Categories were streamlined so that there were only four major categories (the previous year had 20 major categories). As a result of this, only five shows won an award. NBC's Hallmark Hall of Fame was the top show of the night, winning three major awards. The new format would be scrapped for the traditional one the following year. The traditional format would be used for all future Primetime Emmy Awards ceremonies.

Winners and nominees



Outstanding Program Achievements in Entertainment


Outstanding Individual Achievements in Entertainment - Actors and Performers


Outstanding Individual Achievements in Entertainment - Directors


Outstanding Individual Achievements in Entertainment - Writers

Most major nominations

By network [note 1]
  • NBC – 21
  • CBS – 14
  • ABC – 2
By program
  • Hallmark Hall of Fame (NBC) – 5
  • The Defenders (CBS) / The Dick Van Dyke Show (CBS) / My Name is Barbra (CBS) – 3

Most major awards

By network [note 1]
  • CBS – 8
  • NBC – 3
By program
  • Hallmark Hall of Fame (NBC) – 3
  • The Defenders (CBS) / The Dick Van Dyke Show (CBS) / My Name is Barbra (CBS) / Young People's Concerts (CBS) – 2
  1. ^ a b "Major" constitutes the categories listed above: Program, Acting, Directing, and Writing. Does not include the technical categories.


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