1839 Belgian general election

1839 Belgian general election

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47 of the 98 seats in the Chamber of Representatives

Government before election

de Theux de Meylandt I

Elected Government

de Theux de Meylandt I

Partial legislative elections were held in Belgium on 11 June 1839.[1] In the Senate elections Catholics won 27 seats and Liberals 12.[1] Voter turnout was 66.4%, although only 23,661 people were eligible to vote.[1]

Under the alternating system, Chamber elections were only held in four out of the nine provinces: East Flanders, Hainaut, Liège and Limburg. Thus, 47 of the 98 Chamber seats were up for election. The total number of seats decreased from 102 to 98 following the split of Limburg (its districts were reduced from Hasselt, Maastricht and Roermond to Hasselt, Tongeren and Maaseik).



Party Votes % Seats
Catholics 27
Liberals 12
Independents 8
Total 47
Sternberger et al.


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