1963 Mediterranean Games

IV Mediterranean Games
Naples 1963
1963 MG (logo).jpg
Host cityNaples, Italy
Nations participating13
Athletes participating1,057
Events93 in 17 sports
Opening ceremony21 September
Closing ceremony29 September
Officially opened byAntonio Segni
Main venueStadio San Paolo
Opening ceremony moment

The IV Mediterranean Games – Naples 1963, commonly known as the 1963 Mediterranean Games, were the 4th Mediterranean Games. The Games were held in Naples, Italy over 8 days, from 21 to 29 September 1963, where 1,057 athletes (all men) from 13 countries participated. There were a total of 93 medal events from 17 different sports.

Participating nations

The following is a list of nations that participated in the 1963 Mediterranean Games:


Medal table

Opening ceremony moment
Opening ceremony moment

  *   Host nation (Italy)

1 Italy*32211669
2 Turkey103417
3 France814830
4 Yugoslavia68822
5 United Arab Republic513927
6 Spain441220
7 Syria0134
8 Tunisia0112
9 Morocco0077
10 Greece0055
11 Lebanon0011
Totals (12 nations)656575205


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