1965 All-Africa Games

I All-Africa Games
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Host cityBrazzaville, Congo
Opening ceremony18 July
Closing ceremony25 July
Officially opened byAlphonse Massemba-Débat

The 1st All-Africa Games – Brazzaville 1965 was a multi-sport event played from July 18, 1965, to July 25, 1965, in Brazzaville, Congo.


The first games to open to the entire African continent occurred a full forty years after they were first intended. Pierre de Coubertin, had proposed the first African Games be held in Algiers, Algeria in 1925. The games were never organized. Four years later, Alexandria, Egypt had almost completed preparations for the African Games of 1929 when the colonial powers stepped in to cancel the games, weeks before they were to begin. The colonizers felt the games might serve to unite Africa, and help them break free from their colonial status. The idea of a continental games languished for a time until regional games in West Africa the early sixties paved the way for the first continental games to be held in July 1965.

Foreshadowing what was to become accepted protocol at major international games, and reflecting the continents relative political instability, the Congo-Brazzaville Army was on high alert throughout the games for "malcontents" and "counter-revolutionaries". All highways in and out of Brazzaville were patrolled by armored vehicles and all cars within the city, except for games participants and journalists, were stopped and inspected at major checkpoints.

2500 athletes from 29 nations marched in to the stadium. Avery Brundage, the IOC president attended the games as the IOC's chief observer.

The games' success was due in a large part to the emerging African stars, such as Wilson Kiprugut Chuma (silver medalist in the Tokyo 800 meters), Mohammed Gammoudi (silver medalist Tokyo, 10,000 meters), and Kip Keino, Naftali Temu and Mamo Wolde, who would all win medals three years later at the Mexico City Olympic Games.

Men competed in ten sports, women just two; athletics and basketball.

The top medal winning nation was the United Arab Republic, at one time a political union of Egypt and Syria.*

  • (It is not yet known if any athletes from Syria competed or won medals in the African Games)

Participating nations

Among the countries that participated at the 1965 All Africa Games were:


  • Athletics
  • Cycling

Medal table

  *   Host nation (Congo (Congo-Brazzaville))

1 United Arab Republic (UAR)1710330
2 Nigeria (NGR)96419
3 Kenya (KEN)811423
4 Senegal (SEN)63716
5 Ivory Coast (CIV)52512
6 Ghana (GHA)24612
7 Algeria (ALG)23611
8 Mali (MLI)2103
9 Sudan (SUD)1629
10 Tunisia (TUN)15612
11 Cameroon (CMR)1225
 Congo (Congo-Brazzaville)*1225
13 Madagascar (MAD)0246
14 Uganda (UGA)0145
15 Upper Volta (VOL)0112
16 Chad (CHA)0033
 Gabon (GAB)0033
18 Togo (TOG)0022
19 DR Congo (COD)0011
 Ethiopia (ETH)0011
 Niger (NIG)0011
 Tanzania (TAN)0011
 Zambia (ZAM)0011
Totals (23 nations)555969183


Several athletes, all male, won more than one event:

In addition, Senegal won both relay races for men (4x100 metres and 4x400 metres).

Women were only allowed to compete in 100 metres, 80 metres hurdles, high jump, long jump, javelin throw, and 4 x 100 metres relay.


The soccer tournament was won by the host country Congo, their only gold medal at the Games.

Gold: Silver: Bronze:
 Ivory Coast

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