1967 Mediterranean Games

V Mediterranean Games
Tunis 1967
1967 MG (logo).png
Host cityTunis, Tunisia
Nations participating11
Athletes participating1,249
Events93 in 14 sports
Opening ceremony8 September
Closing ceremony17 September
Officially opened byHabib Bourguiba
Main venueStade El Menzah

The V Mediterranean Games – Tunis 1967 (Arabic: ألعاب البحر الأبيض المتوسط 1967‎), commonly known as the 1967 Mediterranean Games, were the 5th Mediterranean Games. The Games were held in Tunis, Tunisia over 9 days, from 8 to 17 September 1967, where 1,249 athletes (1,211 men and 38 women) from 11 countries participated. For the first time, women took part in the games. There were a total of 93 medal events from 14 different sports.

Participating nations

The following is a list of nations that participated in the 1967 Mediterranean Games:



  *   Host nation (Tunisia)

1 Italy35262283
2 Yugoslavia1516536
3 Spain10142751
4 Turkey99624
5 France74415
6 Tunisia*591125
7 Greece561223
8 Morocco1135
9 Lebanon0123
10 Algeria0033
11 Libya0022
Totals (11 nations)878697270


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