1983 Mediterranean Games

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IX Mediterranean Games
Casablanca 1983
1983 MG (logo).jpg
Host cityCasablanca, Morocco
Nations participating16
Athletes participating2,192
Events162 in 20 sports
Opening ceremony3 September
Closing ceremony17 September
Officially opened byHassan II
Main venueStade Mohamed V

The IX Mediterranean Games – Casablanca 1983 (Arabic: ألعاب البحر الأبيض المتوسط 1983‎), commonly known as the 1983 Mediterranean Games, were the 9th Mediterranean Games. The Games were held in Casablanca, Morocco, from 3 to 17 September 1983, where 2,192 athletes (1,845 men and 347 women) from 16 countries participated. There were a total of 162 medal events from 20 different sports.

Participating nations

The following is a list of nations that participated in the 1983 Mediterranean Games:


Medal table

  *   Host nation (Morocco)

1 Italy534346142
2 France32392697
3 Spain17202764
4 Yugoslavia16181953
5 Turkey1251431
6 Greece11101334
7 Morocco*85720
8 Algeria43714
9 Tunisia4149
10 Egypt191222
11 Lebanon1203
12 Syria0325
Totals (12 nations)159158177494

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