1991 Census of India

1991 Census of India
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General information
Date taken1991 (1991)
Total population838,583,988

The 1991 Census of India was the 13th in a series of censuses held in India every decade since 1872.[1]

The population of India was counted as 838,583,988.[2] The number of enumerators was 1.6 million.[1]

Religious demographics

Hindus comprises 69.01 crore(81.53%) and Muslims were 10.67 crore(12.61%) in 1991 census.[3]

Population trends for major religious groups in India (1991)
Religious group Population % 1991
Hindu 81.53%
Muslim 12.61%
Christian 2.32%
Sikh 1.94%
Buddhist 0.77%
Jain 0.40%
Parsi 0.08%
Animist, others 0.44%

Language data

The 1991 census recognizes 1,576 classified "mother tongues". According to the 1991 census, 22 'languages' had more than a million native speakers, 50 had more than 100,000 and 114 had more than 10,000 native speakers. The remaining accounted for a total of 566,000 native speakers (out of a total of 838 million Indians in 1991).[4] The number of Sanskrit speakers in India in 1991 census was 49,736.[5]

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