1994 European Parliament election in Italy

1994 European Parliament election in Italy

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All 87 Italian seats to the European Parliament
  First party Second party Third party
  Berlusconi94.jpg Achille Occhetto.jpg Gianfranco Fini 96.jpg
Leader Silvio Berlusconi Achille Occhetto Gianfranco Fini
Party Forza Italia Democratic Party of the Left National Alliance
Alliance FE PES NI
Leader since 18 January 1994 2 June 1988 6 July 1991
Seats before New party 18 of PCI's 22 4 as MSI
Seats won 27 16 11
Seat change Increase 27 Decrease2 Increase7
Popular vote 10,089,139 6,281,354 4,108,670
Percentage 30.6% 19.1% 12.5%

European Election 1994 Italy.png
European election results map. Azure denotes provinces with a Forza Italia plurality, Red denotes those with a PDS plurality, Blue denotes provinces with a People's Party plurality, Light Blue and Gray and denotes those with an Autonomist plurality.

The European Parliament election of 1994 in Italy was the election of the delegation from Italy to the European Parliament in 1994.

It was the first continental election after the scandal of Tangentopoli which destroyed the traditional republican parties of Italy: consequently, all new parties contested the race.

Electoral system

The pure party-list proportional representation was the traditional electoral system of the Italian Republic since its foundation in 1946, so it had been adopted to elect the Italian representatives to the European Parliament too. Two levels were used: a national level to divide seats between parties, and a constituency level to distribute them between candidates. Italian regions were united in 5 constituencies, each electing a group of deputies. At national level, seats were divided between party lists using the largest remainder method with Hare quota. All seats gained by each party were automatically distributed to their local open lists and their most voted candidates.


The new party Forza Italia (FI), led by the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, won the election with 30.6% of the vote and 27 seats. The second party was the Democratic Party of the Left (PDS), main heir of the Italian Communist Party (PCI), that gained 19.1% of the vote and 16 seats, while the third party was National Alliance (AN), heir of the Italian Social Movement (MSI), that gained 12.5% of the vote and 11 seats. The Italian People's Party (PPI), main heir of Christian Democracy (DC), gained only 10.0% of the vote and 8 seats.

Summary of the 12 June 1994 European Parliament election results in Italy
National party EP group Main candidate Votes % +/– Seats +/–
Forza Italia (FI) FE Silvio Berlusconi 10,089,139 30.62 New 27 New
Democratic Party of the Left (PDS) PES Achille Occhetto 6,281,354 19.06 8.52 Decrease[1] 16 6 Decrease
National Alliance (AN) NI Gianfranco Fini 4,108,670 12.47 6.96 Increase[2] 11 7 Increase
Italian People's Party (PPI) EPP Carlo Casini 3,295,337 10.00 22.90 Decrease[3] 8 18 Decrease
Northern League (LN) ELDR Umberto Bossi 2,162,586 6.56 4.73 Increase 6 4 Increase
Communist Refoundation Party (PRC) EUL Fausto Bertinotti 2,004,716 6.08 New 5 New
Segni Pact (PS) EPP Mariotto Segni 1,073,095 3.26 New 3 New
Federation of the Greens (FdV) Green Carlo Ripa di Meana 1,055,797 3.20 2.97 Decrease[4] 3 2 Decrease
Pannella List (LP) ERA Marco Pannella 702,717 2.13 0.89 Increase[5] 2 1 Increase
Italian Socialist PartyDemocratic Alliance (PSI–AD) PES Elena Marinucci 606,538 1.84 12.96 Decrease[6] 2 10 Decrease
The Network (LR) Green Leoluca Orlando 366,258 1.11 New 1 New
Italian Republican Party (PRI) ELDR Giorgio La Malfa 242,786 0.74 1 2 Decrease
Italian Democratic Socialist Party (PSDI) NI Enrico Ferri 227,439 0.69 2.03 Decrease 1 1 Decrease
Southern Action League (LAM) None 224,033 0.67 New 0 New
South Tyrolean People's Party (SVP)[7] EPP Michl Ebner 202,668 0.62 0.12 Increase 1 0 Steady
Federalism (UVSNLAV–PN) None 126,937 0.39 0.21 Decrease 0 1 Decrease
Lombard Alpine League (LAL) None 110,458 0.34 New 0 New
Federation of Liberals (FdL) None 53,983 0.16 New 0 New
Solidarity None 15,214 0.05 New 0 New
Valid votes 32,949,725
Blank and invalid votes 2,753,484
Totals 35,667,440 100.00 87 6 Increase
Electorate (eligible voters) and voter turnout 48,461,792 73.60 7.47 Decrease
Source: Ministry of the Interior
Popular vote

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