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Early parliamentary elections were held in Moldova on 27 February 1994.[1] They were the country's first competitive elections, and followed deadlock in Parliament over the issue of joining the Commonwealth of Independent States.[2] The result was a victory for the Democratic Agrarian Party of Moldova, which won 56 of the 104 seats.[3]

Electoral system

In 1993 a new electoral law was passed,[4] which removed the right to vote from serving members of the military, whilst removing the right to run for election from all members of the military, the judiciary, the police force, national security services and prosecutors.[5] A special Central Election Commission was formed by the Supreme Court, consisting of the five judges in the Court and one representative of each party or alliance.[6]

Parliament was elected by proportional representation in a single national constituency. The electoral threshold was set at 4% for both independent candidates and political parties.[6]


Democratic Agrarian Party766,58943.1856
Socialist PartyUnity Movement390,58422.0028
Bloc of Peasants and Intellectuals163,5139.2111
Alliance of the Christian Democratic Popular Front133,6067.539
Social Democratic Bloc (PDSM–LNTM–UTM–MDD–FITU)65,0283.660
Association of Women in Moldova50,2432.830
Democratic Labour Party of Moldova49,2102.770
Reform Party41,9802.360
Democratic Party23,3681.320
Association of the Victims of the Totalitarian Regime16,6720.940
Republican Party16,5290.930
Ecologist Party "Green Alliance"7,0250.400
National Christian Party5,8780.330
Valid votes1,775,37794.99
Invalid/blank votes93,7135.01
Total votes1,869,090100.00
Registered voters/turnout2,356,61479.31
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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