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A referendum on remaining an independent nation was held in Moldova on 6 March 1994.[1] Initiated by President Mircea Snegur, it was referred to as a "Consultation with the people" (Romanian: La sfat cu poporul), and was approved by 97.9% of voters.[2]


Do you want the Republic of Moldova to develop as an independent and unitary state, in the frontiers recognized in the day where Moldova declared sovereignty, to promote a policy of neutrality and to maintain mutually-benefiting economic relations with all the countries of the world, and to guarantee its citizens equal rights, according to international law?

Legality issues

The referendum was organized by a specially created republican commission after the Central Elections Commission refused to become involved.[2] However, its organization was in contravention of the 1992 referendums law, which stated that a referendum commission should have been formed by Parliament 60 days before the referendum, and no referendums should be held 90 days either side of elections (the parliamentary elections had been held a week earlier).[2]


Choice Votes %
For 1,722,602 97.9
Against 36,546 2.1
Invalid/blank votes 49,146
Total 1,808,294 100
Registered voters/turnout 2,407,964 75.1
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


Many public figures and much of the press presented the referendum as a strong blow to the movement for unification of Romania and Moldova in both countries, despite the fact that the question did not refer directly to Romania, but to independence. It also referred to territorial integrity, which was a main preoccupation due to the Transnistrian conflict.


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