1999 European Parliament election in Luxembourg

The 1999 European Parliament election in Luxembourg was the election of MEP representing Luxembourg constituency for the 1999–2004 term of the European Parliament. It was part of the wider 1999 European election. It was held on 13 June 1999.


List # Party Existing
1 The Left 0
2 Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party (LSAP) 2
3 Democratic Party (DP) 1
4 Action Committee for Democracy and Pensions Justice (ADR) 0
5 Green and Liberal Alliance (GaL) 0
6 Christian Social People's Party (CSV) 2
7 The Greens 1


Christian Social People's Party321,02131.6720
Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party239,04823.5820
Democratic Party207,37920.4610
The Greens108,51410.7010
Action Committee for Democracy and Pensions Justice91,1188.9900
The Left28,1302.7700
Green and Liberal Alliance18,5731.830New
Valid votes184,83891.33
Invalid/blank votes17,5468.67
Total votes202,384100.00
Registered voters/turnout233,60286.64
Source: Parlgov

Elected members

Christian Social People's Party

Members of the European People's Party

Democratic Party

Members of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party

Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party

Members of the Party of European Socialists

The Greens

Members of the European Federation of Green Parties

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