1st Primetime Emmy Awards

1st Primetime Emmy Awards
DateJanuary 25, 1949
LocationHollywood Athletic Club, Los Angeles, California
Presented byAcademy of Television Arts and Sciences
Hosted byWalter O'Keefe
Television/radio coverage

The 1st Emmy Awards, retroactively known as the 1st Primetime Emmy Awards after the debut of the counterpart Daytime Emmy Awards, were presented at the Hollywood Athletic Club in Los Angeles on Tuesday, January 25, 1949. Only shows produced in Los Angeles County, California and aired in the Los Angeles media market were eligible to win. The awards were hosted by Walter O'Keefe who substituted for Rudy Vallée when he had to leave town at the last minute. A special award category was introduced and awarded to Louis McManus for designing the actual Emmy Award statuette.

Winners and nominees



Most Popular Television Program Best Film Made for Television
  • Pantomime Quiz, (KTLA)
    • Armchair Detective, (KTLA)
    • Don Lee Music Hall, (KTSL)
    • Felix De Cola Show, (KTLA)
    • Judy Splinters, (KTLA)
    • Mabel's Fables, (KTLA)
    • Masked Spooner, (KTSL)
    • Treasure of Literature, (KFI-TV)
    • Tuesday Varieties, (KTLA)
    • What's the Name of that Song, (KTSL)
  • The Necklace (Your Show Time Series)
    • Christopher Columbus
    • Hollywood Brevities
    • It Could Happen to You
    • Tell Tale Heart
    • Time Signal


Most Outstanding Television Personality

Station Award

  • KTLA for Outstanding Overall Performance in 1948

Special Award

  • Louis McManus – for designing the Emmy Award statuette.

McManus was presented with a plaque as an award instead of a copy of the very statue which he was being honored for.

Technical Award

  • Charles Mesak of Don Lee Television for the introduction of TV camera technology Phasefader


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