2007 All-Africa Games

IX All-Africa Games
2007 All Africa Games logo.png
Host cityAlgiers, Algeria
Nations participating52
Events24 sports
Opening ceremony11 July 2007
Closing ceremony23 July 2007
Officially opened byAbdelaziz Bouteflika
Main venueStade 5 Juillet 1962
A map of Algeria with Algiers marked in the north of the country.
A map of Algeria with Algiers marked in the north of the country.
Location of Algiers in Algeria.

The 9th All-Africa Games took place between 11 and 23 July 2007 in Algiers, the capital city of Algeria. Algiers is the first city to hold All-Africa Games for a second time. The 1978 All-Africa Games were held there. Besides Algeria, only Nigeria has hosted the event twice, but with different host cities. 4793 athletes took part to these games.[1]



  • Main stadium - Athletics
  • Stade SATO - Para athletics
  • Piscine du Complexe Olympique - Swimming
  • Hall OMS El Biar - Badminton
  • Salle OMS Hydra - Women's Basketball
  • Salle Staouali - Men's Basketball
  • Salle Harcha - Men's Basketball
  • Centre Equestre LIDO - Equestrian
  • Centre Equestre de Maramene - Equestrian (Endurance)
  • Stand de tir Chenoua - Shooting
  • Salle OMS de Bordj-El-Kiffan - Boxing
  • Coupole - Judo, Karate, Handball
  • Salle OMS de Bousmail - Weightlifting
  • Club Tennis OCO - Tennis
  • Salle OMS Boumerdes - Kickboxing, Taekwondo
  • Barrage de Boukerdane - Rowing
  • Salle OMS de Rouiba - Table tennis
  • Salle De Bab Ezzouar - Gymnastics
  • La Cité des sciences, Théâtre des verdures - Chess
  • Salles OMS Ain Benian - Handball
  • Salles OMS Ain Taya - Handball
  • Salles OMS Tipaza - Handball
  • Salle de Boufarik - Wheelchair basketball
  • Circuit route Tipaza - Cycling
  • Salle de Zeralda - Goalball
  • E.N.V Alger plage - Sailing


The following 24 sports were competed:

Paralympic sports: Athletics, Basketball and Goalball

Three disciplines, Baseball, Softball and Field Hockey were dropped by the hosts, since these sports are hardly played in Algeria and consequently lack suitable facilities.[3] The hockey competition would have doubled as qualifier for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, thus African Hockey Federation organised a separate olympic qualifying tournament in Nairobi, Kenya, held simultaneously with the All-Africa Games.[4]

Water Polo was not competed due to lack of teams.[5] It was supposed to be an Olympic qualifier.


  *   Host nation (Algeria)

1 Egypt (EGY)746263199
2 Algeria (ALG)*705877205
3 South Africa (SAF)616653180
4 Nigeria (NGR)505554159
5 Tunisia (TUN)484158147
6 Kenya (KEN)13151038
7 Senegal (SEN)8122646
8 Zimbabwe (ZIM)78823
9 Botswana (BOT)62513
10 Cameroon (CMR)461727
11 Ethiopia451019
13 Angola (ANG)41712
14 Ghana (GHA)3101225
15 Seychelles (SEY)36110
16 Eritrea (ERI)3126
17 Sudan (SUD)3014
18 Democratic Republic of the Congo (COD)2215
19 Gabon (GAB)2136
20 Zambia (ZAM)1269
21 Lesotho (LES)1124
22 Mali (MLI)1034
23 Uganda (UGA)1012
24 Mozambique (MOZ)1001
25 Ivory Coast (CIV)031215
26 Burkina Faso (BUR)0213
27 Madagascar (MAD)0134
 Republic of the Congo (CGO)0134
29 Guinea (GUI)0123
 Mauritius (MRI)0123
31 Namibia (NAM)0112
32 São Tomé and Príncipe (STP)0101
 Tanzania (TAN)0101
 Togo (TOG)0101
35 Benin (BEN)0044
36 Guinea-Bissau (GBS)0033
37 Central African Republic (CAF)0011
Totals (37 NOCs)3743724621208


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