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This article lists some of the events that took place in the Netherlands in 2010.





  • 20: The question of to extend the mission in Afghanistan causes the fall of the 4th Balkenende administration.


  • 10: 12 year old Milly Boele from Dordrecht is missing. Later on she turns out to have been murdered by neighbour and police officer Sander Vreeswijk. On March 17 her body is found in his garden.
  • 16-19: Prince Willem-Alexander visits the Dutch soldiers of Task Force Uruzgan in Afghanistan.

24: Former SS member Heinrich Boere is sentenced to a lifetime imprisonment for his involvement in the assassination 3 Dutch citizens during World War II.



  • 4: The national Remembrance of the Dead is interrupted during the 2 minutes of silence; 63 people get injured during the chaos and confusion that followed.


  • 1-3: Queen Beatrix brings a state-visit to Norway. She arrives in harbor of Oslo with the Air-defense- and Command-frigate Hr. Ms. Tromp and is welcomed by salute shots.



1: Operation Task Force Uruzgan ends in Afghanistan and is succeeded by coalition partners.



  • 1: the squatting ban goes into effect.
  • 10: The Dutch Antilles are absolved: Curaçao and Sint Maarten continue as autonomous countries within the kingdom, the BES-islands (Saba, Saint Eustatius and Bonaire) become Dutch municipalities.
  • 14: Installment of the Rutte I administration.


  • 29: Snowfall causes the biggest evening peak traffic jam ever in the country, with a total length of 884 kilometers.




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