2011 Chișinău explosion

Coordinates: 47°01′51″N 28°49′47″E / 47.030737°N 28.829808°E / 47.030737; 28.829808

2011 Chişinău explosion
LocationChişinău, Moldova
Date7 June 2011
Attack type
car bombing

The 2011 Chişinău explosion was a car explosion in the center of Chişinău, the capital of Moldova. The explosion killed the Moldovan tennis federation chief, Igor Turcan.[1][2] He was heading the campaign for an independent candidate in last weekend's mayoral election.[3]

Turcan was passing by a model Lada automobile, which had Russian number plates, when it blew up.[1] Turcan was sent to hospital and later died of serious injuries.[4] The police said no one else was killed or injured in the explosion.[5] An earlier eyewitness report had said three people were killed.[6]

Turcan's deputy described the explosion as an "assassination" but the Prime Minister of Moldova, Vlad Filat, said it was too early to draw conclusions about what happened.[1]


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