2014 European Parliament election in Malta

European Parliament election in Malta, 2014

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All 6 Maltese seats to the European Parliament
  First party Second party
  Joseph Muscat, cropped.jpg EPP Malta Congress 2017 ; 29 March (33676407246).jpg
Leader Joseph Muscat Simon Busuttil
Party Labour Nationalist
Alliance S&D EPP
Leader since 6 June 2008 8 May 2013
Last election 54.77%
4 seats
2 seats
Seats won 3 3
Seat change Decrease1 Increase1
Percentage 53% 40%

The European Parliament election of 2014 in Malta elected Malta's delegation to the European Parliament from 2014 to 2019. This was the third such election held in Malta. The elections were held on Saturday, 24 May 2014.

The parties that contested the election were: Labour Party, Nationalist Party, Democratic Alternative, Imperium Europa, Alleanza Bidla, Alleanza Liberali, Partit Ta' L-Ajkla.


Imperium Europa

Partit Laburista

Partit Ta' L-Ajkla

  • Nazzareno Bonnici

Partit Nazzjonalista

Alternattiva Demokratika

Alleanza Bidla

  • Anthony Calleja
  • Ivan Grech Mintoff

Alleanza Liberali

  • Jean-Pierre Sammut


The Labour Party won the election with a little over 53% of the votes. The result was announced by the Maltese Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat.[2]

The Nationalist Party won 40%, Democratic Alternative 2.9%, Imperium Europa 2.8% and others 0.96%.[3]

Labour Party134,46253.393–1
Nationalist Party100,78540.023+1
Democratic Alternative7,4182.950New
Imperium Europa6,7612.6800
Alleanza Bidla1,0150.400New
Liberal Alliance2020.0800
Valid votes251,85197.77
Invalid/blank votes5,7372.23
Total votes257,588100.00
Registered voters/turnout344,35674.80
Source: Electoral Commission

Despite receiving just 40% of the electors vote, the Nationalist Party won its third seat, previously held by the Labour Party. Therefore, the elected candidates are:
1. Alfred Sant (PL) (48739 votes)
2. Roberta Metsola (PN) (38442 votes)
3. Miriam Dalli (PL) (37533 votes)
4. David Casa (PN) (36371 votes)
5. Marlene Mizzi (PL) (35630 votes)
6. Therese Comodini Cachia (PN) (29580 votes).[3]

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