2015 Transnistrian parliamentary election

2015 Transnistrian parliamentary election

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All 43 seats in the Supreme Council
22 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  Mikhail Burla Portrait.png Oleg Khorzhan (2016, cropped).jpg Proriv
Leader Mikhail Burla Oleg Khorzhan Dmitry Soin
Party Obnovlenie PCP Proriv
Leader since 2012 2003 2010
Last election 25 1 1
Seats won 35 1 0
Seat change Increase 10 Steady Decrease 1

Speaker before election

Mikhail Burla

Elected Speaker

Vadim Krasnoselsky

Parliamentary elections were held in Transnistria on 29 November 2015, alongside municipal elections.[2]

Electoral system

The 43 seats of the Supreme Council are elected in single-member constituencies using first-past-the-post voting.


A total of 138 candidates contested the elections.[3]


Overall turnout was 48.3%, with the Camenca District reporting the highest turnout of 54.0%. The lowest turnout was in the city of Bender, with a turnout of only 42.7%.[1][4]

Obnovlenie won 35 out of 43 seats in the Supreme Council, maintaining their status as a majority government.[5] Obnovlenie leader Mikhail Burla was re-elected in constituency #34,[6] as was PCP leader Oleg Khorzhan in constituency #40 (Tiraspol).[6]

On 23 December 2015, Vadim Krasnoselski, who was elected in constituency #7, was elected Speaker.[7]


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