2018 wildfire season

2018 wildfire season
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The 2018 wildfire season involves wildfires on multiple continents. An extremely rare event occurred when wildfires broke out north of the Arctic Circle in Scandinavia, with one burning on the Russia–Finland border near the Barents Sea on July 20.[1] By the end of the calendar year, the fires in British Columbia had burned more area than in any prior recorded year;[2] and California experienced the single largest (by area) fire on record, and a fire destroyed more structures than in any other in modern history.[3][4] Similarly, the UK saw the most wildfires ever recorded in a single year, at 76,[5] while Greece saw the deadliest wildfires in its history, with 102 casualties.

List of wildfires

Events during the season include the following:

GOES satellite captured wildfires on the west coast of North America

A U.S. national state of emergency was declared on July 28 due to the California fires, which had killed at least six people.[6] In August, the Mendocino Complex Fire became the second largest fire in California history[7] and the Mendocino Complex Fire became the state's largest.

Fires in British Columbia were the second worst in the history of the province, with over 945 square kilometres (234,000 acres) burned.[8]

Wildfires in the UK and Ireland, June 2018


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