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A non-binding two-part referendum was held in Moldova on 24 February 2019, alongside parliamentary elections.[1] Voters were asked two questions; whether the number of MPs should be reduced from 101 to 61 and whether MPs should be open to recall.[2] Both proposals were approved by voters, with voter turnout above the 33% threshold required to validate the result.[3]


Parties were able to formally register as part of the for or against campaigns for both questions.[4]

Question For Against
Reducing the number of MPs from 101 to 61 Democratic Party
'Professionals' Movement Speranța-Nadejda
Democracy at Home
Party of Communists
People's Will Party
Introducing the right to recall Democratic Party Democracy at Home
Party of Communists
People's Will Party
'Professionals' Movement Speranța-Nadejda


Question For Against Invalid/
Turnout Result
Votes % Votes %
Reducing parliament from 101 to 61 seats 744,529 73.66 266,188 26.34 133,544 1,144,261 2,938,095 38.95 Approved
Introducing the right to recall 808,266 79.97 202,497 20.03 132,634 1,143,397 2,937,295 38.93 Approved
Source: CEC


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