2019 Sammarinese general election

2019 Sammarinese general election

← 2016 8 December 2019

All 60 seats in the Grand and General Council
31 seats needed for a majority
Alliance Sammarinese Christian Democratic Party RETE Movement Libera
Seats won 21 11 10
Seat change Increase 11 Increase 3 Decrease 14
Popular vote 5,993 3,276 2,964
Percentage 33.35% 18.23% 16.49%

Alliance Noi per la Repubblica Future Republic Domani Motus Liberi
Seats won 8 6 4
Seat change Increase 2 Decrease 5 New
Popular vote 2,359 1,850 1,112
Percentage 13.13% 10.29% 6.19%

General elections were held in San Marino on 8 December 2019.[1]

Electoral system

The 60 members of the Grand and General Council are elected by proportional representation, with seats allocated using the d'Hondt method. The electoral threshold is calculated by multiplying the number of parties running in the elections by 0.4, with a maximum possible threshold of 3.5%.[2]

If no party receives a majority, or the two largest parties are unable to form a coalition government within thirty days of the elections, a runoff election will be held between the two most popular coalitions, with the winner receiving a seat bonus to give them a majority.[3][4] It is the first time the facultative second round will be applied following its approval in a June 2019 referendum.[4]


Two electoral alliances were formed for the elections:[5]


Saint-Marin Grand conseil général 2019.svg
Coalition Party
Votes % Seats +/–
Sammarinese Christian Democratic Party 5,993 33.35 21 +11
Tomorrow in Motion RETE Movement 3,276 18.23 11 +3
Domani Motus Liberi 1,112 6.19 4 New
Direct coalition votes 57 0.32 0
Total 4,445 24.73 15
Libera 2,964 16.49 10 –14
Noi per la Repubblica 2,359 13.13 8 +2
Future Republic 1,850 10.29 6 –5
Ēlego 361 2.01 0 New
Invalid/blank votes 1,262
Total 19,234 100 60 0
Registered voters/turnout 34,511 55.73
Source: State Secretariat for Internal Affairs and Public Function


Following the elections, a coalition government was formed by the Sammarinese Christian Democratic Party, the Tomorrow in Motion alliance and Noi per la Repubblica.[6]

Member Party Portfolio
Luca Beccari PCDS Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, for International Economic Cooperation and Telecommunications
Elena Tonnini RETE Movement Secretary of State for Internal Affairs, the Public Function, Institutional Affairs and Relations with the Giunte di Castello
Marco Gatti PCDS Secretary of State for Finance and Budget and Transport
Andrea Belluzzi Noi per la Repubblica Secretary of State for Education and Culture, University and Scientific Research, Youth Policies
Roberto Ciavatta RETE Movement Secretary of State for Health and Social Security, Social Security and Social Affairs, Political Affairs, Equal Opportunities and Technological Innovation
Stefano Canti PCDS Secretary of State for the Territory and the Environment, Agriculture, Civil Protection and Relations with ASASLP
Teodoro Lonfernini PCDS Secretary of State for Labor, Economic Planning, Sport, Information and Relations with the AASS
Fabio Righi Domani Motus Liberi Secretary of State for Industry, Crafts and Commerce, Technological Research, Regulatory Simplification
Massimo Andrea Ugolini PCDS Secretary of State for Justice and the Family
Federico Pedini Amati Noi per la Repubblica State Secretary for Tourism, Post Office, Cooperation and Expo


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