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2021 Population and Housing Census

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The 2021 Population and Housing Census (Greek: Απογραφή Πληθυσμού–Kατοικιών 2021) is a planned census in Greece to be conducted by the Hellenic Statistical Authority as part of the wider 2021 European Union census. As with the 2011 census, it will enumerate the number of people in the country, survey the demographic, economic, and social characteristics of the population, as well as ascertain the types of building stock available in the country. The census will comply with both European Union and United Nations census guidelines.[1] The full set of results will be available by 31 March 2024.[2]

Smartphone and geolocation technologies will be utilised in order to carry out the census.[3] A design competition was launched in September 2018, asking university students to design the census logo, and the winner was announced in 2019.[4]


The 2011 Greek census showed that the population of Greece had declined by 0.88% compared to the 2001 census, to 10,815,197 people.[5] This demographic trend is expected to continue if fertility rates remain low, with the Hellenic Statistical Authority estimating the decline of the total population of Greece to 9.7 million by 2050 in that scenario.[6] Similarly, Eurostat estimates that, without migration, the Greek population will decline to 9.3 million by 2050, and to 8.9 million with lower fertility;[6] the main Eurostat scenario projects the country's population as 9.1 million in 2050.[6]


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