2021 Mediterranean Games

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XIX Mediterranean Games
XIX ألعاب البحر الأبيض المتوسط
Oran 2022 وهران
Host cityOran, Algeria
Nations participating27
Opening ceremony25 June 2022
Closing ceremony5 July 2022
Officially opened byPresident of Algeria (expected)
Main venueOlympic Stadium
WebsiteOfficial website

The XIXth Mediterranean Games, commonly known as the 2022 Mediterranean Games (Arabic: ألعاب البحر الأبيض المتوسط 2022‎), will be the 19th Mediterranean Games. The Games will be held in Oran, Algeria, originally scheduled for 10 June to 20 June 2021. Oran is the second city in Algeria to host the Mediterranean Games after Algiers which hosted the 1975 Mediterranean Games.[1][2]

Candidate cities

Five cities signed an official declaration of candidacy for hosting the 2021 Mediterranean Games, two from Africa and three from Europe:[3]

The final candidates were Oran and Sfax, Oran[4] planned to take the Games to Algeria for the second time after the 1975 Mediterranean Games in Algiers. Sfax[5] planned to take the Games to Tunisia for the third time after the 1967 Mediterranean Games and the 2001 Mediterranean Games, both in Tunis. Oran won by 51-17 after voting.[6]

2022 Mediterranean Games bidding results
City NOC name Round 1 Round 2
Oran  Algeria Adv 51
Sfax  Tunisia Adv 17
Mostar  Bosnia and Herzegovina Elim
Dubrovnik  Croatia Elim
Kotor  Montenegro Elim


Host city selection

A map of Algeria with Oran marked in the north-west of the country.
A map of Algeria with Oran marked in the north-west of the country.
Location of Wahrān in Algeria

Cities from five countries submitted their bids to host the 2021 Mediterranean Games. Oran, Algeria, has been chosen to host the Games. The North African city was elected during the International Committee for the Mediterranean Games (ICMG) General Assembly, which took place on August 27th, 2015, in Pescara, Italy.

Oran took the vote by a considerable margin, winning 51 to 17 over Sfax, Tunisia, which was the other final contender to host the 2021 Games. This is the second time that an Algerian city has hosted the Mediterranean Games, the first was in 1975, in Algiers, the country's capital. Oran is the 2nd largest city in Algeria, with a population of roughly 1.2 million.[7]

Organising committee

The Minister of Youth and Sports, El Hadi Ould Ali, inaugurated on October 30 2016 at Oran, the headquarters of the organizing committee of the 19th Mediterranean Games 2021 in the presence of the Wali, Abdelghani Zaalane, the Presidents of the People's Provincial Assembly (APW), Fethallah Chaâbni, the Presidents of the People's Municipal Assembly (CPA), Nourredine Boukhatem and the President of the Algerian Olympic Committee, Mustapha Berraf. Several personalities from the world of sport took part in the inauguration as a legendary football star, Lakhdar Belloumi, and the boxer star, Mustapha Moussa, and also consuls of different Mediterranean countries.

The headquarters of the Committee is located in NLA boulevard in the old daïra completely renovated. It was Senator and Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of the Mediterranean Games (COMG), Abdelhak Kazi-Tani and Secretary General of the Algerian Sports and Olympic Committee, Abdelhafid Izem, who initialed the seat allocation paper.[8]


The Wilaya of Oran has allocated 5 billion DA for the construction of a large sports infrastructure program including an Olympic complex in Bir El Djir, the Olympic stadium, athletics stadium, multi-purpose sports halls, center hosting sports, playgrounds and green spaces, in addition to the Mediterranean village in progress. It is also planned rehabilitation of the old sports infrastructure of Oran. Everything must be ready in 2019.[9]

Logo and mascot

Participating nations

  • Albania Albania
  • Algeria Algeria (host country)
  • Australia Australia (invited nation)
  • Andorra Andorra
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Croatia Croatia
  • Cyprus Cyprus
  • Egypt Egypt
  • France France
  • Greece Greece
  • Italy Italy
  • Kosovo Kosovo
  • Lebanon Lebanon
  • Libya Libya
  • Malta Malta
  • Monaco Monaco
  • Montenegro Montenegro
  • Morocco Morocco
  • North Macedonia North Macedonia
  • Portugal Portugal
  • San Marino San Marino
  • Serbia Serbia
  • Slovenia Slovenia
  • Spain Spain
  • Syria Syria
  • Tunisia Tunisia
  • Turkey Turkey

Competition venues

The main stadium of the 2022 Mediterranean Games is Abdelkader Fréha Stadium in Bir El Djir District of Oran. The stadium will host both the opening and closing ceremonies.


Bir El Djir




New Olympic Stadium
List of venues, showing the city, venue, sport and venue capacity
City Venue Sport Capacity Ref
Bir El Djir Olympic Stadium Athletics 40,143
Oran Stade Ahmed Zabana Football 40,000
Mostaganem Stade Mohamed Bensaïd Football 18,000
Sig New stadium of Sig Football 20,000
Oran Palais des Sports Basketball 5,000
Bir El Djir Salle Omnisport Polyvalente Handball 6,000
Arzew Salle Omnipsorts d'Arzew Handball 2,500
Bir El Djir Oran Olympic Swimming Pool Swimming 6,000
Bir El Djir Oran Olympic Velodrome Track cycling 3,000
Bir El Djir Oran Tennis Complex Tennis 3,000
Es Sénia Es Sénia Hypodrome Equestrian 4,000


The official event categories are listed below.


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