2021 Somaliland parliamentary election

2021 Somaliland parliamentary election

← 2005 31 May 2021[1]

82 seats in the House of Representatives of Somaliland
42 seats needed for a majority
  Muse Bihi official portrait 2017 (3x4 crop).jpg Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullah Cirro (3x4 crop).png Faisal Ali Warabe (3x4 crop).jpg
Leader Muse Bihi Abdi Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi Faysal Ali Warabe
Party Kulmiye Waddani UCID
Leader since 2015 2012 2001
Last election 28 seats, 34.1% 21 seats, 26.9%

Parliamentary elections are scheduled to be held in Somaliland in May 2021, alongside local district elections.[2]

The elections have been tentatively scheduled and postponed numerous times since the last parliamentary polls in 2005.[3] Most recently, the vote was scheduled for March, and then August, 2019, before the National Electoral Commission declared it could not be held that year.[4]

On 12 July 2020, Somaliland's three main political parties reached an agreement to hold parliamentary and local elections by the end of the year.[5][6] After several weeks of negotiations with the National Electoral Commission on the practicability of organizing elections in that time, a revised date of May 2021 was settled on.[7][8]

Electoral system

MPs are elected in six multi-member constituencies coterminous with the Regions of Somaliland, using open list proportional representation for a five-year term.

Somaliland party leaders agree on 2021 election terms


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