20th International Emmy Awards

20th International Emmy Awards
LocationNew York Hilton Hotel
New York City, New York, U.S.
Hosted byLouis Gossett Jr.
María Conchita Alonso[1]
Television/radio coverage

The 20th International Emmy Awards took place in November 23, 1992, at the Sheraton New York. The Award ceremony was hosted by Louis Gossett Jr. and María Conchita Alonso, and televised in November 29, 1992, by PBS.[2][3]


Nominees were selected by an international panel of television industry executives. More than 250 programs were submitted for judging. Programming from the United Kingdom, with eight, pulled down the most nominations with Canadian programming earning seven mentions. Winners were announced during the 20th Annual International Emmy Awards on November 23, 1993, at the Sheraton New York.

Britain was the big winner at night. The United Kingdom nabbed four awards in six categories. Canada got with two awards and Sweden took home one by tying with Canada in the children’s category.

Special awards were presented to Italian media baron Silvio Berlusconi, who received the International Council’s Directorate Award, and Bill Cosby, who received the Founder’s Award.

The ceremony produced by Joe Cates was broadcast for more than 20 countries. In the PBS network was air a one-hour version displayed in November 29, 1992.[4]


Arts documentary

Winner Country Network Result
Jose Carreras: A Life Story  United Kingdom Iambic Productions / Primetime Television Won
Arena  United Kingdom BBC Nominated
Threads of Hope  Canada Canamedia Prods. Nominated

Children & Young People

Winner Country Network Result
Beat That: Hairdressing
Sorrow: The Nazi Legacy (tie)
 United Kingdom
Channel 4
Lidingo Filmpoint Sweden
Alligator Pie  Canada Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Nominated


Winner Country Network Result
To Sell a War  Canada Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Won
Inside Story  United Kingdom BBC Nominated
Kwai  France France 2 Nominated

Drama Series

Winner Country Network Result
A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia  United Kingdom Enigma TV / Angelika Films / Sands Films / WNET Won
Brides of Christ  Australia ABC Nominated
A Sense of History  United Kingdom Channel 4 Nominated

Performing Arts

Winner Country Network Result
Pictures On The Edge  Canada Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Won
Canadian Brass: Home Movies  Canada Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Nominated
Na Floresta  Canada Société Radio-Canada Nominated

Popular Arts

Winner Country Network Result
Drop the Dead Donkey  United Kingdom Channel 4 Won
The Inquisitor  United Kingdom Grant Naylor Prods. Nominated
Brian Orser: Night Moves  Canada Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Nominated


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