22nd Daytime Emmy Awards

22nd Daytime Emmy Awards
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  • May 19, 1995 (Ceremony)
  • 1995 (Creative Arts Awards)
Presented byNational Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
Hosted byLeeza Gibbons
Deidre Hall
Television/radio coverage

The 22nd Daytime Emmy awards were that were held on May 19, 1995 on NBC to commemorate excellence in daytime programming from the previous year (1994). The following list is the nominations. Winners are in bold.[1]

Outstanding Drama Series

Outstanding Lead Actor

Outstanding Lead Actress

Outstanding Supporting Actor

Outstanding Supporting Actress

Outstanding Younger Actor

Outstanding Younger Actress

Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team

Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team

Outstanding Game/Audience Participation Show

Outstanding Game Show Host

Outstanding Costume Design

  • Lois DeArmond (Adventures in Wonderland)
  • Ann Marie Holdgruen, Laurent Linn, Carlo Yannuzzi, Larry Jameson, Mark Ruffin, Terry Roberson, Stephen Rotondaro, Edward G. Christie, Rollin Krewson, William Kellard, Mark Zeszotek, Connie Peterson, Peter MacKennan, Fred Buchholz, Goran Sparrman, and Tom Newby (Sesame Street)
  • Danajean Cicerchi (Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?)
  • Lois DeArmond, and Betsey Potter (Beakman's World)
  • Doug Enderle (Walt Disney World Very Merry Christmas Parade)
  • Charles Chiodo, Stephen Chiodo, and Edward Chiodo (ABC Weekend Specials - "Crash the Curiousaurus")

Outstanding Children's Series

Outstanding Film Sound Mixing

  • Timothy J. Garrity, Timothy Borquez, Jim Hodson, Bill Koepnick, Melissa Ellis and Deb Adair (Aladdin)
  • Thomas Orsi and Don Summer (ABC Afterschool Specials:Boys Will Be Boys)
  • Timothy J. Borquez and Timothy J. Garrity (The Little Mermaid)
  • David John West, John Boyd and Todd Orr (The Tick)
  • John Asman, Walt Martin, David E. Fluhr and Sam Black (Trick of the Eye)
  • David John West, Kevin Patrick Burns, Todd Orr and John Boyd (Exosquad)

Outstanding Film Sound Editing

  • Alex Wilkinson, Charles Rychwalski, William Griggs, Kenneth Young, Melissa Ellis, Bill Koepnick, Greg LaPlante, Jennifer Mertens, Ray Leonard, Michael Geisler, John O. Robinson III, Marc S. Perlman Michael Gollom, Jim Hodson, Timothy J. Borquez, Phyllis Ginter, Robert Duran and Tom Jaeger (Aladdin)
  • Brian F. Mars, Charles Rychwalski, Michael Geisler, John O. Robinson III, Jennifer Mertens, Tom Jaeger and Greg LaPlante (The Little Mermaid)
  • David John West, Matthew West, Chris Fradkin, Rick Hinson, Mark Cleary and Susan Welsh (Exosquad)
  • Mark Cleary, Chris Fradkin, Rick Hinson and David John West (The Tick)
  • Matt Thorne, John Hegedes, Tom Maydeck, Robert Hargreaves, Russell Brower, Mark Keatts, J.J. George, Mike Dickeson and Daryl B. Kell (Batman: The Animated Series)

Outstanding Music Direction and Composition

Outstanding in Animation

  • Peter Gaffney, Jonathan Greenberg, Rachel Lipman, Paul Germain, Steve Socki, Howard E. Baker and Jim Duffy (Rugrats)
  • Robert Renzetti, Todd Frederiksen, Mark Saraceni, Tony Craig and Miles Thompson (2 Stupid Dogs)
  • Derdad Aghamalian, Ed Klautky, Craig Wilson, Sung Hwan Choi, Rae McCarson, Ted Blackman, Leonard Robledo, Rick Del Carmen, Richard Ziehler-Martin, Alex Stevens, Fedja Jovanovic, Bill Sienkiewicz, Joseph Dempsey, Kent Butterworth, Lin Zeng, Tom Nesbitt, Ray Shenusay, Sean Roche, Neil Hunter, John Schaeffer, Chuck Puntuvatana, Felipe Morell, Teri Shikasho, Doug Molitor, Eufronio R. Cruz, Keith Weesner, Moe Green, Hector Martinez, Fernando Tenedora and Junn Roca (Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?)
  • Chris Battle, Jeff W. Smith, Cathy Malkasian, Igor Kovalyov, John Holmquist, Debbie Baber, Vadim Medzhibovskiy, Rumen Petkov, Zhenia Delioussine, Stephen Lawes, Bradley J. Gake, Alex Dilts, Anita Ziobro, Peter Gaffney, Jim Duffy, Kelly James, Dan Krall, Toni Vian, Sergey Shramkosky, Marcy Rubin, Andrei Svislotski, Ron Campbell, Jerry Richardson, David Litt, David Silverman, Steve Ressel and Craig Simmons (Aaahh!!! Real Monsters)
  • Rich Arons, Barry Caldwell, Michael Gerard, Alfred Gimeno, Dave Marshall, Jon McClenahan, Rusty Mills, Audu Paden, Greg Reyna, Lenord Robinson, Andrea Romano, Peter Hastings, Nicholas Hollander, John P. McCann, Tom Minton, Deanna Oliver, Randy Rogel, Paul Rugg, Tom Ruegger and Sherri Stoner (Animaniacs)

Outstanding Performer In An Animated Program

Lifetime achievement award


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