29th International Emmy Awards

29th International Emmy Awards
  • November 19, 2001 (2001-11-19)
LocationNew York Hilton Hotel
New York City, New York, U.S.
Hosted byTom Bergeron
Founders AwardPierre Lescure

The 29th International Emmy Awards took place on November 19, 2001, at the Sheraton Hotel in New York City, United States, and hosted by American television personality Tom Bergeron.[1]


The nominees for the 29th International Emmy Awards were announced by International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, on October 8, 2001, at a press conference at MIPCOM in Cannes.[2]

The United Kingdom won four of the six categories that competed at the International Emmys.[3] The Channel 4 took the Emmy prize in the popular arts category for his So Graham Norton series. ITV drama Dirty Tricks, starring Martin Clunes, was named best drama, while the arts documentary award went to Channel 4's The Miles Davis Story.[4]

A filmed version of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, Jesus Christ Superstar, whose cast featured Rik Mayall, was the winner in the performing arts section. The other two trophies — children and young people, and documentary — went to Canada for CBC’s Street Cents and the Netherlands for KRO’s North Korea, respectively.[5][6]


Arts Documentary

Winner Country Network Result
The Miles Davis Story  United Kingdom Channel 4 Won
Ravel's Brain  Canada Bravo Canada Nominated
Bunraku  Japan NHK Nominated
Buscando América: Ruben Blades  Mexico People & Arts Latino Nominated

Children & Young People

Winner Country Network Result
Street Cents  Canada CBC Television Won
Star Golden Bell  South Korea Korean Broadcasting System Nominated
Willem Wever  Netherlands NCRV Nominated
Küss mich  Germany ZDF Nominated


Winner Country Network Result
Noord-Korea  Netherlands KRO Won
For my Baby  Japan Mainichi Broadcasting System Nominated
Golda's List  France France 3 Nominated
Challenger: Go for Launch  United Kingdom BBC Nominated

Drama Series

Winner Country Network Result
Dirty Tricks  United Kingdom Carlton TV Won
Fatou la Malienne  France France 2 Nominated
Jahrestage [de]  Germany ARD Nominated
Cold Feet  United Kingdom ITV Nominated

Performing Arts

Winner Country Network Result
Great Performances: Jesus Christ Superstar  United Kingdom Slovenia TV Won
Music from the Red Violin  Canada Bravo Canada Nominated
Great Performances: Don Giovanni Unmasked  Canada Bravo Canada Nominated
Yo-Yo Ma in Todai-ji  Japan Mainichi Broadcasting System Nominated

Popular Arts

Winner Country Network Result
So Graham Norton  United Kingdom Channel 4 Won
Spaced  United Kingdom Channel 4 Nominated
Was guckst du?!  Germany ZDF Nominated
Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2000  Hong Kong TVB Jade Nominated


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