32nd International Emmy Awards

32nd International Emmy Awards
  • November 19, 2007 (2007-11-19)
LocationNew York Hilton Hotel
New York City, New York, U.S.
Hosted byGraham Norton
Founders AwardMTV International

The 32nd International Emmy Awards took place on November 22, 2004, at the Hilton Hotel in New York City, United States, and hosted by the Irish comedian Graham Norton.[1]


The nominees for the 32nd Emmy International Awards were announced by International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, on October 4, 2004, at a press conference at MIPCOM in Cannes.[2]

British productions were the big winners of the 2004 International Emmy, winning six of the seven categories, including best documentary and best drama series. The BBC took the prize for best drama with Waking the Dead and best art program with George Orwell: A Life in Pictures.

Channel 4, also from the United Kingdom won an Emmy in the category for documentary The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off. The Emmy for best entertainment program without script was to Brat Camp, and The Illustrated Mum was named best children's program. A production exhibited by ITV about Henry VIII was awarded as the best miniseries. Berlin, Berlin, won the award for best comedy, the only award granted to a non-British work.

The Directorate Award was given to Herbert Kloiber, managing director of the Tele München Group. The Founders Award was delivered to MTV for its contribution to the fight against AIDS and for revolutionizing music on television.[3] The Emmy Ted Cott was delivered to Australian Len Mauger of Nine Network, for their dedication to the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in the United States.[4]


Arts Programming

Winner Country Network Result
George Orwell: A Life in Pictures  United Kingdom BBC Won
Korda, Fotografo en Revolucion  Mexico Canal Once Nominated
Ameila  Canada Amerimage-Spectra/Media Principia Nominated
Cinema Dalí  Spain /  France Televisió de Catalunya / France 5 Nominated

Children & Young People

Winner Country Network Result
The Illustrated Mum  United Kingdom Channel 4 Won
Dunya & Desie  Netherlands NPS Nominated
Colombia  Netherlands KRO Nominated
31 minutos  Chile Televisión Nacional de Chile Nominated


Winner Country Network Result
Berlin, Berlin  Germany ARD Won
Corner Gas  Canada CTV Television Network Nominated
The Newsroom  Canada CBC Television Nominated
Stokvel  South Africa Penguin Films Nominated


Winner Country Network Result
The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off  United Kingdom Channel 4 Won
Testigo  Chile Canal 13 Nominated
Les origines du SIDA  Canada /  France Galafilm/MFP/Pathe Archives Nominated
Seven Wonders of the Industrial World: Hoover Dam  United Kingdom BBC Nominated

Drama Series

Winner Country Network Result
Waking the Dead  United Kingdom BBC Won
Shameless  United Kingdom Channel 4 Nominated
Schimanski  Germany Das Erste Nominated
Krøniken  Denmark DR Nominated

Non-Scripted Entertainment

Winner Country Network Result
Brat Camp  United Kingdom Channel 4 Won
Wife Swap  United Kingdom Channel 4 Nominated
Caiga Quien Caiga  Argentina Cuatro Cabezas Nominated
Greg le millionnaire  France TF1 Nominated

TV Movie/Mini-Series

Winner Country Network Result
Henry VIII  United Kingdom ITV Won
The Canterbury Tales  United Kingdom BBC Nominated
The Deal  United Kingdom Channel 4 Nominated
L'Affaire Dominici  France TF1 Nominated

Most major nominations

By country
By network

Most major awards

By country
By network


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