35th International Emmy Awards

35th International Emmy Awards
  • November 19, 2007 (2007-11-19)
LocationNew York Hilton Hotel
New York City, New York, U.S.
Hosted byRoger Bart
Founders AwardAl Gore

The 35th International Emmy Awards took place on November 19, 2007, at the Hilton Hotel in New York City, United States and hosted by American actor Roger Bart.[1]


The nominees for the 35th International Emmy Awards were announced by the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, in October 7, 2007, at a press conference at MIPCOM in Cannes. 16 countries competed in the 35th International Emmy Awards, with a record of 7 nominations for Brazil, 4 for Japan and 3 for South Africa.[2] This is the first time ever that Colombia was nominated. The competition took place with three rounds of judging over a period of 6 months, with participation from over 500 judges in 35 countries.

The United Kingdom seven of the nine categories in the Emmys International. The winner of the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, Jim Broadbent shared the best actor award with the Dutch Pierre Bokma. Muriel Robin won the award for best actress for Marie Besnard - The Poisoner, and Simon Schama's Power of Art: Bernini took the prize for arts programming. The best comedy and drama categories were also won by British programs.[3]

Poland won its first international Emmy in the category Children & Young People. The Brazil, the second country with the largest number of award nominations - seven in total - left the ceremony without a Win.[4]

In separate prizes, Al Gore received the Founders Award for both his role in creating the Current TV network, a news/information program service for young adults, and his drive to “alert the world to one of the great challenges of our time: global warming.” Robert De Niro presented the award to Gore.[5][6]

And the Directorate Award went to Patrick Le Lay, chairman of the TF1 Group, for turning TF1 into a “multimedia organization that is a pioneer in many of the emerging new digital platforms.” Actress Carole Bouquet made the presentation.[7]


The following individuals, listed in order of appearance, presented awards.

Name(s) Role
Roger Bart Host from 36th annual International Emmy Awards
Eric Bogosian Presenter of the award for Arts Programming
Sam Waterston Presenter of the award for Best Actor
Alan Cumming Presenter of the award for Best Actress
George Wendt Presenter of the award for Best Comedy Series
Nai-Chian Katz Presenter of the award for Best Documentary
Kristen Bell
Rob Morrow
Presenters of the award for Best Drama Series
Katrina Bowden
José Wilker
Presenters of the award for Best Non-Scripted Entertainment
Elmo Presenter of the award for Children & Young People Series
Gloria Reuben Presenter of the award for Best TV movie or Mini-Series
Robert De Niro Presenter of the award for Emmy Founders Award
Carole Bouquet Presenter of the award for Emmy Directorate Award


Arts Programming

Winner Country Network Result
Simon Schama's Power of Art: Bernini  United Kingdom BBC Won
Por Toda Minha Vida  Brazil Rede Globo Nominated
False Waltz  Netherlands AVRO Television Nominated
Smile  Japan NHK Nominated

Best Performance by an Actor

Winner Country Network Result
Jim Broadbent for The Street
Pierre Bokma for The Chosen One
 United Kingdom
Bobby Au-yeung for Dicey Business  Hong Kong TVB Nominated
Lazaro Ramos for Cobras & Lagartos  Brazil Rede Globo Nominated
Guo Jiaming for My Own Private Deutschland  People's Republic of China CCTV-6 Nominated

Best Performance by an Actress

Winner Country Network Result
Muriel Robin for The Poisoner  France RTBF Won
Lilia Cabral for Páginas da Vida  Brazil Rede Globo Nominated
Brenda Ngxoli for Home Affairs  South Africa Penguin Films Nominated
Victoria Wood for Housewife 49  United Kingdom ITV Nominated

Children & Young People

Winner Country Network Result
The Magic Tree  Poland TVP Won
The Arena  Singapore MediaCorp Nominated
Mortified  Australia ACTF Nominated
Um Menino muito Maluquinho  Brazil TV Brasil Nominated


Winner Country Network Result
Little Britain Abroad  United Kingdom BBC Won
Alle lieben Jimmy  Germany RTL Television / GmbH Nominated
Os Amadores  Brazil Rede Globo Nominated
NEO - Office Chuckles  Japan NHK Nominated
Sorted  South Africa SABC Nominated


Winner Country Network Result
Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive  United Kingdom BBC Won
In God’s Hands  Colombia RCN TV Nominated
Smiling in a War Zone  Denmark ZDF / SVT Nominated
Dinosaurs vs. Mammals – Secrets of Mammalian Survival  Japan NHK Nominated

Drama Series

Winner Country Network Result
The Street  United Kingdom BBC Won
Home Affairs  South Africa Penguin Films Nominated
The Killing  Denmark DR / ZDFE / NRK / SVT Nominated
Mothern  Brazil GNT Nominated

Non-Scripted Entertainment

Winner Country Network Result
How Do You Solve a Problem like Maria?  United Kingdom BBC Won
Caiga Quien Caiga  Argentina Eyeworks Nominated
The Prison Choir  Spain RTVE Nominated
Takeshi no komanechi daigaku sûgaku ka  Japan Fuji Television Nominated

TV Movie/Mini-Series

Winner Country Network Result
Death of a President  United Kingdom More4 Won
Antônia  Brazil Rede Globo Nominated
Toy Train  People's Republic of China CCTV-6 Nominated
Die Mauer – Berlin '61  Germany WDR Nominated

Most major nominations

By country
By network

Most major awards

By country
By network


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