3rd Primetime Emmy Awards

3rd Primetime Emmy Awards
DateJanuary 23, 1951
LocationAmbassador Hotel, Los Angeles, California
Presented byAcademy of Television Arts and Sciences
Hosted byEarl Warren
Television/radio coverage

The 3rd Emmy Awards, retroactively known as the 3rd Primetime Emmy Awards after the debut of the Daytime Emmy Awards, were presented at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California on January 23, 1951.

This would be the last year that the Emmys were primarily given out to shows that were produced or aired in the Los Angeles area. Starting with the 4th Annual Emmy Awards, nominations were considered on a national television network basis.

Winners and nominees



Best Dramatic Show Best Children's Show
Best Games and Audience Participation Show Best Cultural Show
  • Campus Chorus and Orchestra, (KTSL)
    • Designed for Women, (KNBH)
    • Vienna Philharmonic, (KTTV)
    • Sunset Service, (KNBH)
    • The Woman's Voice, (KTTV)
Best Educational Show Best News Program
  • KFI-TV University, (KFI)
    • Kieran's Kaleidoscope, (KECA)
    • Know Your Schools, (KFI)
    • Magazine of the Week, (KTLA)
    • Zoo Parade, (KNBH)
  • KTLA Newsreel, (KTLA)
    • Clete Roberts, (KLAC)
    • Ford News and Weather, (KNBH)
    • Fleetwood Lawton, (KTSL)
Best Variety Show Best Sports Program
  • Los Angeles Rams Football, (KNBH)
    • College Basketball Games, (KTTV)
    • College Football Games, (KTTV)
    • Hollywood Baseball, (KLAC)
    • Los Angeles Baseball, (KFI)
Best Public Service
  • City at Night, (KTLA)
    • Classified Column, (KTTV)
    • In Our Time, (KTTV)
    • Community Chest Kickoff
    • Teleforum, (KTLA)
    • Marshall Plan, (KECA)


Best Actor Best Actress


Most Outstanding Personality

Special Events

Best Special Events
  • Departure of Marines to Korea, (KTLA)
    • Arrival of Cruiser from Korea, (KTLA)
    • Commissioning of Hospital Ship Haven
    • Election Coverage, (KECA)
    • Tournament of Roses, (KECA)

Station Awards

  • KTLA for Station Achievement
  • KNBH for Technical Achievement


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