4th Daytime Emmy Awards

4th Daytime Emmy Awards
DateMay 12, 1977
LocationTavern on The Green
Presented byNational Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
Television/radio coverage

The 4th Daytime Emmy Awards were held in May 12, 1977, on NBC to commemorate excellence in daytime programming from the previous year (1976). The live coverage held from Tavern on the Green restaurant in Central Park, New York. The fourth awards only had three categories, and thus three awards were given. Hosts were Peter Marshall, Chuck Woolery, Victoria Wyndham, Jack Gilford, and Soupy Sales with a special guest appearance by Gilda Radner of Saturday Night Live.

Winners in each category are in bold.

Outstanding Daytime Drama Series

Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series

Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama Series

Outstanding Daytime Drama Series Writing

Outstanding Daytime Drama Series Directing

  • Another World
  • Days of our Lives
  • As the World Turns
  • Ryan's Hope
  • The Edge of Night

Outstanding Game Show

  • Family Feud - A Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Production for ABC (Syn. by Viacom)
  • The $20,000 Pyramid - A Bob Stewart Production for ABC (Syn. by Viacom)
  • The Hollywood Squares - A Heatter-Quigley Production for NBC (Syn. by Filmways)
  • Match Game - A Mark-Goodson-Bill Todman Production for CBS (Syn. by Jim Victory)
  • Tattletales - A Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Production for CBS (Syn. by Firestone)

Outstanding Game Show Host


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