80th meridian east

Line across the Earth
80th meridian east
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The meridian 80° east of Greenwich is a line of longitude that extends from the North Pole across the Arctic Ocean, Asia, the Indian Ocean, the Southern Ocean, and Antarctica to the South Pole.

The 80th meridian east forms a great circle with the 100th meridian west.

There is also an 80 Degrees East cafe in Nanganallur, Chennai, India named after this longitude.[1]

From Pole to Pole

Starting at the North Pole and heading south to the South Pole, the 80th meridian east passes through:

Co-ordinates Country, territory or sea Notes
90°0′N 80°0′E / 90.000°N 80.000°E / 90.000; 80.000 (Arctic Ocean) Arctic Ocean
81°7′N 80°0′E / 81.117°N 80.000°E / 81.117; 80.000 (Kara Sea) Kara Sea
80°58′N 80°0′E / 80.967°N 80.000°E / 80.967; 80.000 (Russia)  Russia Ushakov Island
80°50′N 80°0′E / 80.833°N 80.000°E / 80.833; 80.000 (Kara Sea) Kara Sea Passing just west of Dikson Island,  Russia
72°11′N 80°0′E / 72.183°N 80.000°E / 72.183; 80.000 (Russia)  Russia
50°51′N 80°0′E / 50.850°N 80.000°E / 50.850; 80.000 (Kazakhstan)  Kazakhstan
44°58′N 80°0′E / 44.967°N 80.000°E / 44.967; 80.000 (China)  People's Republic of China Xinjiang – for about 18 km
44°48′N 80°0′E / 44.800°N 80.000°E / 44.800; 80.000 (Kazakhstan)  Kazakhstan
42°22′N 80°0′E / 42.367°N 80.000°E / 42.367; 80.000 (Kyrgyzstan)  Kyrgyzstan
42°2′N 80°0′E / 42.033°N 80.000°E / 42.033; 80.000 (China)  People's Republic of China Xinjiang
35°27′N 80°0′E / 35.450°N 80.000°E / 35.450; 80.000 (Aksai Chin) Aksai Chin Disputed between  India and  People's Republic of China
34°39′N 80°0′E / 34.650°N 80.000°E / 34.650; 80.000 (China)  People's Republic of China Tibet
30°52′N 80°0′E / 30.867°N 80.000°E / 30.867; 80.000 (Aksai Chin) Aksai Chin Disputed between  India and  People's Republic of China – for about 4 km
30°50′N 80°0′E / 30.833°N 80.000°E / 30.833; 80.000 (India)  India Uttarakhand
Uttar Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh
Tamil Nadu
12°14′N 80°0′E / 12.233°N 80.000°E / 12.233; 80.000 (Indian Ocean) Indian Ocean Bay of Bengal
9°48′N 80°0′E / 9.800°N 80.000°E / 9.800; 80.000 (Sri Lanka)  Sri Lanka Jaffna Peninsula
9°36′N 80°0′E / 9.600°N 80.000°E / 9.600; 80.000 (Indian Ocean) Indian Ocean Palk Strait
9°0′N 80°0′E / 9.000°N 80.000°E / 9.000; 80.000 (Sri Lanka)  Sri Lanka
6°24′N 80°0′E / 6.400°N 80.000°E / 6.400; 80.000 (Indian Ocean) Indian Ocean
60°0′S 80°0′E / 60.000°S 80.000°E / -60.000; 80.000 (Southern Ocean) Southern Ocean
68°2′S 80°0′E / 68.033°S 80.000°E / -68.033; 80.000 (Antarctica) Antarctica Australian Antarctic Territory, claimed by  Australia

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