9th Primetime Emmy Awards

9th Primetime Emmy Awards
DateMarch 16, 1957
LocationNBC Studios, Burbank, California
Presented byAcademy of Television Arts and Sciences
Hosted byDesi Arnaz
Television/radio coverage

The 9th Emmy Awards, later referred to as the 9th Primetime Emmy Awards, were held on March 16, 1957, to honor the best in television of the year. The ceremony was held at the NBC Studios in Burbank, California. Desi Arnaz hosted the event. All nominations are listed, with winners in bold and series' networks are in parentheses. Categories were sorted based on running time, instead of by genre.

The top shows of the night were Caesar's Hour and Playhouse 90. Each show won a then-record five major awards, (however, two of Playhouse 90's wins came in now defunct categories).

Caesar's Hour became the first show to be nominated in all four major acting categories. Caesar's Hour also made history when it swept the four acting categories. After over fifty years, it remains the only comedy or drama series to win every major acting award. In 2004, the miniseries Angels in America became the second show, and first miniseries/television movie, to sweep the acting field.

Winners and nominees



Best Series, Half Hour or Less Best Series, One Hour or More
Best Live Camera Work Best Coverage of a Newsworthy Event
  • Years of Crisis, (CBS)
    • Andrea Doria Sinking, (CBS)
    • Andrea Doria Survivors Arrive in New York, (CBS)
    • National Political Conventions, (ABC)
    • National Political Conventions, (NBC)
Best Public Service Series Best New Program Series
Best Single Program of the Year
  • Playhouse 90, (Episode: "Requiem for a Heavyweight"), (CBS)
    • Kraft Television Theatre, (Episode: "A Night to Remember"), (NBC)
    • Omnibus, (Episode: "Leonard Bernstein"), (CBS)
    • See It Now, (Episode: "Secret Life of Danny Kaye"), (CBS)
    • The Victor Borge Show, (CBS)


Lead performances

Best Continuing Performance by a Comedian in a Series Best Continuing Performance by a Comedienne in a Series
Best Continuing Performance by an Actor in a Dramatic Series Best Continuing Performance by an Actress in a Dramatic Series

Supporting performances

Best Supporting Performance by an Actor Best Supporting Performance by an Actress

Single performances

Best Single Performance by an Actor Best Single Performance by an Actress


Best Direction, Half Hour or Less Best Direction, One Hour or More


Best Teleplay Writing, Half Hour or Less Best Teleplay Writing, One Hour or More
  • James P. Cavanagh for Alfred Hitchcock Presents - "Fog Closing In", (CBS)
    • Morton Fine, David Friedkin for Frontier - "Patrol", (NBC)
    • Richard Morris for The Loretta Young Show - "The Pearl", (NBC)
    • John Nesbitt for Telephone Time - "Man With the Beard", (ABC)
    • Dan Ullman for The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp - "The Buntime", (ABC)
  • Rod Serling for Playhouse 90 - "Requiem for a Heavyweight", (CBS)
    • George Roy Hill, John Whedon for Kraft Television Theatre - "A Night to Remember", (NBC)
    • Elick Moll for Playhouse 90 - "Sizeman and Son", (CBS)
    • Louis Peterson for Alcoa-Goodyear Playhouse - "Joey", (NBC)
    • Reginald Rose for Alcoa-Goodyear Playhouse - "Tragedy in a Temporary Town", (NBC)
Best Writing, Variety or Situation Comedy

Most major nominations

By network [note 1]
  • CBS – 59
  • NBC – 41
  • ABC – 6
By program
  • Playhouse 90 (CBS) – 11
  • Caesar's Hour (NBC) – 6
  • The Ernie Kovacs Show (NBC) / Kraft Television Theatre (NBC) / The Phil Silvers Show (CBS) – 4
  • Alcoa-Goodyear Playhouse (NBC) / Four Star Playhouse (CBS) / I Love Lucy (CBS) /Producers' Showcase (NBC) – 3

Most major awards

By network [note 1]
  • CBS – 11
  • NBC – 8
  • ABC – 1
By program
  • Caesar's Hour (NBC) / Playhouse 90 (CBS) – 5
  • The Phil Silvers Show (CBS) – 2
  1. ^ a b "Major" constitutes the categories listed above: Program, Acting, Directing, and Writing. Does not include the technical categories.


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