ACM/IEEE Virtual Reality International Conference

ACM/IEEE Virtual Reality International Conference
DisciplineVirtual Reality
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The ACM Virtual Reality International Conference (VRIC) is an annual conference on virtual reality organized by the Association for Computing Machinery. Papers are on a variety of topics, such as mixed reality, human-computer interaction, 3D interaction evaluation, and image analysis. Its proceedings are published in the ACM Digital Library.[1] It is hosted and sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH, Association française de réalité virtuelle, and Laval Virtual in city of Laval, France.


  1. ^ "Proceedings of the Virtual Reality International Conference: Laval Virtual". ACM Digital Library. 20 March 2013. Retrieved 7 March 2014.

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  • Official website
  • Proceedings of the 2015 Virtual Reality International Conference (ACM Portal) [1]

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