ACM SIGLOG or SIGLOG is the Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Logic and Computation. It publishes a news magazine (SIGLOG News), and has the annual Symposium on Logic in Computer Science as its flagship conference.[1] In addition, it publishes an online newsletter, the SIGLOG Monthly Bulletin (formerly the LICS Newsletter),[2] and "maintains close ties" with the related academic journal ACM Transactions on Computational Logic.[3]

The creation of this special interest group was suggested in 2007 by Moshe Vardi and Dana Scott, and Vardi was the primary author of a more detailed proposal for its creation. It was founded in 2014, with Prakash Panangaden as its founding chair, and with Andrzej Murawski as the founding editor of the newsletter.[1][4]

In 2015, SIGLOG established, in cooperation with EATCS, EACSL and the Kurt Gödel Society, the Alonzo Church Award.


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