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Abbeville Publishing Group
FounderRobert E. Abrams and Harry N. Abrams
Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationNew York City
DistributionTwo Rivers Distribution (US)
Peribo (Australia)[1]
Publication typesbooks
Nonfiction topicsfine art and illustrated books
Official websitewww.abbeville.com

Abbeville Publishing Group is an independent book publishing company specializing in fine art and illustrated books. Based in New York City, Abbeville publishes approximately 40 titles each year and has a catalogue of over 700 titles on art, architecture, design, travel, photography, parenting, and children’s books.

The company was founded in 1977 by Robert E. Abrams and his father Harry N. Abrams, who had previously founded the art book publishing company Harry N. Abrams, Inc. in 1949.

Honors and awards bestowed upon Abbeville titles include the George Wittenborn Award for Art across America (1991),[2] the Carey-Thomas Award for The Vatican Frescoes of Michelangelo (1982),[citation needed] and the Prix Vasari Award for Botticelli (1990).[citation needed]

Imprints and divisions

Abbeville Publishing Group’s major imprint is Abbeville Press, which consists of art and illustrated books for an international readership.

Abbeville Gifts is an imprint which produces desk diaries, stationery, and other printed merchandise.

In 2007 the company announced the launch of Abbeville Family, a new division publishing titles for parents, children, and families. Abbeville Family encompasses the Abbeville Kids imprint, which makes children’s illustrated books. The New Father series by Armin Brott[3] is also part of Abbeville Family, as are the New Father audiobooks, published under the Abbeville Audio imprint.


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