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Arab Academy of Damascus (Arabic: مجمع اللغة العربية بدمشق‎) is the oldest academy regulating the Arabic language, established in 1918 during the reign of Faisal I of Syria. It is based in al-Adiliyah Madrasa and is modeled on the language academies of Europe and founded with the explicit reference to the example of the Académie française.

Arabization was the major mission of this academy after long period of Ottoman domination and use of Ottoman Turkish in major parts of the Arab world. Since establishing, it has been operated by notable committees of Arabic language professors, scholars and experts could re-spread the use of Arabic in the state's institutions and daily life of many Arab countries by adapting widely accepted proceedings and records for Arabization.

Directors of this academy were as the following:[1]

As of 2011, its library contains some 15,000 volumes and 500 manuscripts.[2]



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