Temporal range: Ordovician-Devonian
~498–388 Ma
Scientific classification

  • A. campanula Mound
  • A. deltatus Lindström, 1955
  • A. firmus Viira, 1970
  • A. primitivus Zeballo and Albanesi, 2013[3]
  • A. tripterolobus Mound
  • A. zeballus Voldman et al, 2016[4]

Acodus is an extinct genus of conodonts.


  • A. acutus
  • A. campanula
  • A. crassus
  • A. delicatus
  • A. deltatus
  • A. erectus
  • A. firmus
  • A. jonesi
  • A. kechikaensis
  • A. neodeltatus
  • A. oneotensis
  • A. planus
  • A. primitivus
  • A. sigmoideus
  • A. similaris
  • A. tripterolobus
  • A. zeballus


Fossils of Acodus have been found in Argentina, Canada (Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Nunavut), China, Colombia (Tarqui, Huila),[6] the Czech Republic, Estonia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, the Russian Federation, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States (Indiana, New York, Tennessee, Nevada, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Utah).[5]


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