Africa Confidential

Africa Confidential
Year founded1960
CompanyAsempa Limited
CountryUnited Kingdom
Based inLondon

Africa Confidential is a fortnightly newsletter covering politics and economics in Africa. It was established in 1960 and is owned by the British company Asempa Limited. Founded by a group of six individuals under the banner of Miramoor Publications, Africa Confidential was originally printed on blue airmail paper and was thus nicknamed "The Blue Sheet". It is available by subscription only.

Africa Confidential focuses on issues that affect the continent, analyses political complexities and reports on areas and topics that receive little coverage in the mainstream press. With its investigations into corruption and political intrigue, the journal punches above its weight and was famously the subject of a record six-year libel case that ended in June 2001. Its Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria and Sudan coverage often makes the news in the mainstream press. Patrick Smith has edited Africa Confidential since 1991. Former editors include Richard Kershaw (1964-1968) and Stephen Ellis (1986-1991).

In 2007, Africa Confidential launched a monthly newsletter called Africa-Asia Confidential.


Africa Confidential

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