Al-Thawra (newspaper)

Al Thawra
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party
PublisherAl Wahda Institution
Editor-in-chiefAli Kassem
EditorKhafal al Jarad
Founded1 July 1963; 57 years ago (1963-07-01)
Political alignmentBa'athism
HeadquartersDamascus, Syria
WebsiteAl Thawra

Al-Thawra, also referred to as Ath-Thawra, (Arabic: الثورة‎, lit.'The Revolution') is an Arabic language newspaper published by the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party of Syria.[1] Another newspaper with the same name was published by the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party of Iraq but was disbanded during the invasion of Iraq in 2003 by the UK and the USA armies.


Al Thawra was first published on 1 July 1963.[2][3] It is the official newspaper of the Syrian government,[4] and mostly covers governmental initiatives in the social and economic areas.[1] There also other state-owned newspaper, namely Tishreen, Al Baath and Syria Times.[5]

Al Thawra is based in Damascus.[6] Al Wahda institution is the publisher of the daily in addition to Tishreen and Syria Times.[7] As of 2012 Ali Kassem was the editor-in-chief of Al Thawra.[8]

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