Albert Mockel

Albert Mockel
Born(1866-12-27)27 December 1866
Ougrée, Belgium
Died30 January 1945(1945-01-30) (aged 78)
Ixelles, Belgium

Albert Mockel (27 December 1866 – 30 January 1945) was a Belgian Symbolist poet. Born in Ougrée, he was the editor of La Wallonie, an influential journal of Belgian, and even European, Symbolism.[1][2] He died in January 1945 in Ixelles.


  • Chantefable un peu naïve (1891)
  • Stéphane Mallarmé, un héros (1898)
  • Propos de littérature (1894)
  • Émile Verhaeren (1895)[3]
  • Clartés (1901)
  • Contes pour les enfants d'hier (1908)
  • La Flamme stérile (1923)
  • La Flamme immortelle (1924)


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