Alliance for European Integration III

Alliance for European Integration III
TypeRuling Coalition
PurposeGoverning in Moldova
Liberal Democratic Party
Democratic Party
Liberal Party
Key people
Vlad Filat
Marian Lupu
Mihai Ghimpu
Valeriu Streleț
WebsitePLDM, PDM, PL

Alliance for European Integration III (Romanian: Alianța pentru Integrare Europeană III) was the ruling coalition in Moldova from 24 July 2015 to January 2016.


The previous coalition, the Political Alliance for a European Moldova was formed at the beginning of 2015. After a banking scandal and an investigation into the qualifications of Prime Minister Chiril Gaburici, on June 22, 2015 Gaburici resigned as Prime Minister and was replaced on an interim basis by Foreign Minister Natalia Gherman, also of the PLDM.

On July 24 the Liberal Party informed that it joined a new majority coalition which was approved by the Moldovan parliament on July 31.[1]

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