Saint Audomar Church in Alveringem
Saint Audomar Church in Alveringem
Flag of Alveringem
Coat of arms of Alveringem
Coat of arms
Alveringem is located in Belgium
Location in Belgium
Location of Alveringem in West Flanders
Coordinates: 51°01′N 02°43′E / 51.017°N 2.717°E / 51.017; 2.717Coordinates: 51°01′N 02°43′E / 51.017°N 2.717°E / 51.017; 2.717
CommunityFlemish Community
RegionFlemish Region
ProvinceWest Flanders
 • MayorGerard Liefooghe (Gemeentebelangen)
 • Governing party/iesGemeentebelangen, CD&V
 • Total80.01 km2 (30.89 sq mi)
 • Total5,089
 • Density64/km2 (160/sq mi)
Postal codes
8690, 8691
Area codes058

Alveringem, West Flemish: Oalveringem, is a municipality located in the Belgian province of West Flanders. The municipality comprises the towns of Alveringem proper, Beveren-aan-de-IJzer, Gijverinkhove, Hoogstade, Izenberge, Leisele, Oeren, Sint-Rijkers and Stavele. On January 1, 2006, Alveringem had a total population of 4,887. The total area is 80.01 km² which gives a population density of 61 inhabitants per km². The mayor of Alveringem is Gerard Liefooghe (Gemeentebelangen) since 2006.

Cyriel Verschaeve was as a priest attached to the parish of Alveringem and re-buried near Alveringem's church in 1973.


The municipality of Alveringem has a relatively low population density and the number of inhabitants has still decreased last decades. The extensive territory comprises nine rural towns or deelgemeentes. The largest town is Alveringem proper, the chief town, located in the northeast of the municipality. During the merger of municipalities in 1971, the villages Hoogstade, Oeren and Sint-Rijkers were added to Alveringem. In 1977, Leisele and Stavele, independent municipalities at the time, were added as well. As from 1971, Leisele also comprised the villages Gijverinkhove and Izenberge; Beveren-aan-de-IJzer was a part of Stavele. So, since 1977, the new extended municipality comprised the nine rural deelgemeentes.

# Name Area Population (1999)
I Alveringem   1.583 (*)
II Oeren   (*)
III Sint-Rijkers   (*)
IV Izenberge   395
V Leisele   774
VI Hoogstade   352
VII Gijverinkhove   308
VIII Beveren   659
IX Stavele   661
(*) The population of the small villages of Oeren and Sint-Rijkers is contained in the number for Alveringem proper
Source: Streekplatform Westhoek https://web.archive.org/web/20070928072054/http://www.westhoek.be/streekplatform/Tabellen/3.2..htm

Due to its rural extent, the municipality of Alvergem borders a large number of small villages:


Alveringem, deelgemeenten and neighbouring villages. The yellow areas are urban areas.


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