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Native toColombia
Regionsouthern highlands
EthnicityAndaqui people
Extinct(date missing)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3ana

Andaqui (or Andaki) is an extinct language from the southern highlands of Colombia. It has been linked to the Paezan or Barbacoan languages, but no connections have been demonstrated. It was spoken by the Andaqui people of Colombia.

Language contact

Jolkesky (2016) notes that there are lexical similarities with Paez, Chibcha (also proposed by Rivet 1924[2]), and Tinigua-Pamigua due to contact.[3]


Other unattested varieties possibly related to Andaqui that are listed by Loukotka (1968):[4]


Loukotka (1968) lists the following basic vocabulary items.[4]

gloss Andaquí
one guhigo
two nashihishe
ear sun-guaxo
tongue shonaé
hand sakaá
foot soguapaná
water xixi
stone guatihi
maize kike
fish nengihi
house kogo

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Further reading

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