Andoque–Urequena languages

Colombia and surroundings (Putumayo River)
Linguistic classificationIndependent language family

Andoque–Urequena is a language family that consists of a pair of languages, Andoque and Urequena. The close relationship of Urequena to Andoque was first recognized by Marcelo Jolkesky.[1]:285

Urequena (Uerequena, Arequena,[2] Orelhudos) is currently extinct, and is known only from an undated 19-century manuscript by Austrian naturalist Johann Natterer.[3] Natterer gives the Içá River (or Putumayo River) as the location of the Urequena language.[4]

External relationships

Jolkesky (2009) had classified the Andoque–Urequena and Duho languages as part of a proposed Macro-Daha stock.[5] However, the Macro-Daha hypothesis was retracted in Jolkesky (2016), as similarities with the Duho languages were considered to be due to contact.[1]

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