Andrei Sangheli

Andrei Sangheli
2nd Prime Minister of Moldova
In office
1 July 1992 – 25 January 1997
PresidentMircea Snegur
Petru Lucinschi
Preceded byValeriu Muravschi
Succeeded byIon Ciubuc
Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry
In office
6 June 1990 – 1 July 1992
PresidentMircea Snegur
Prime MinisterMircea Druc
Valeriu Muravschi
Succeeded byVitalie Gorincioi
Personal details
Born (1944-07-20) 20 July 1944 (age 76)
Grinăuţi, Moldovan SSR

Andrei Sangheli (born 20 July 1944) is a Moldovan politician.

Sangheli was Prime Minister of Moldova[1] from 1992 until 1997.[2]


Political offices
Preceded by
Valeriu Muravschi
Prime Minister of Moldova
Succeeded by
Ion Ciubuc

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