Andrei Stratan

Andrei Stratan
Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration
In office
4 February 2004 – 25 September 2009
Prime MinisterVasile Tarlev
Zinaida Greceanîi
Vitalie Pîrlog (Acting)
Preceded byNicolae Dudău
Succeeded byIurie Leancă
Personal details
Born (1966-09-03) September 3, 1966 (age 54)
Chişinău, Moldova
Political partyRepublican Party of Moldova

Andrei Stratan (born September 3, 1966) is a Moldovan politician.

He was the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration in the Vasile Tarlev Cabinet and the Zinaida Greceanîi Cabinets.[1][2]


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