Anenii Noi

Anenii Noi
Flag of Anenii Noi
Official seal of Anenii Noi
Anenii Noi is located in Anenii Noi
Anenii Noi
Anenii Noi
Location of the village within Anenii Noi District
Anenii Noi is located in Moldova
Anenii Noi
Anenii Noi
Location of the village within Moldova
Coordinates: 46°53′N 29°13′E / 46.883°N 29.217°E / 46.883; 29.217Coordinates: 46°53′N 29°13′E / 46.883°N 29.217°E / 46.883; 29.217
Country Moldova
Raion (District)Anenii Noi District
 • MayorMihail Cheibaş
Elevation39 m (128 ft)
 • Total10,872
Time zoneUTC+2 (Eastern European Time)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (Eastern European Time)

Anenii Noi (Romanian pronunciation: [aˈnenij ˈnoj]) is a city in east-central Moldova, the seat of Anenii Noi District. It is located 36 km (22 mi) SE of the capital Chişinău.

According to the 2004 census, the city administers an area inhabited by 11,463 people. This area consists of the city itself, population 8,358, and five suburb villages: Albiniţa, population 370, Beriozchi, population 647, Hîrbovăţul Nou, population 484, Ruseni, population 1,090, and Socoleni, population 514. Of the 10,872 recorded in the 2014 census, 6,756 are Moldovans, 1,894 Ukrainians, 1,427 Russians, 294 Romanians, 81 Gagauzians, 200 Bulgarians, and 33 Gypsies. At the 1930 census, there were two localities: Anenii Noi, population 661 (558 Bessarabian Germans, 30 Russians, 19 Romanians, and 4 Poles), and Anenii Vechi, population 990 (891 Russians, 74 Romanians, 19 Germans, 4 Jews, and 2 Bulgarians) in Plasa Bulboaca of Tighina County.

There are two restaurants and a few factories in Anenii Noi. Transportation is available to Anenii Noi every half-hour from Chişinău.

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