Antwerpen-Zuid railway station

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Antwerpen Zuid station.jpg
Postcard of 1911, Old station
LocationAntwerp, Antwerp, Belgium
Coordinates51°11′51″N 4°23′28″E / 51.19750°N 4.39111°E / 51.19750; 4.39111Coordinates: 51°11′51″N 4°23′28″E / 51.19750°N 4.39111°E / 51.19750; 4.39111
Owned byNational Railway Company of Belgium
Line(s)52, 59
Opened10 July 1878

Antwerpen-Zuid is a railway station in the south of the city of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium. The old station opened on 10 July 1878 (goods) on the Lines 52 (1894) and 25A (1907). The old station building was demolished in 1965 and replaced with a stop in 1970 on the new through railway under the Scheldt river on the line 59. The old terminal of line 59 was Linkeroever, westside of the river Scheldt.

Train services

The following services currently the serve the station:

  • Intercity services (IC-02) Ostend - Bruges - Gent - Sint-Niklaas - Antwerpen
  • Intercity services (IC-28) Gent - Sint-Niklaas - Antwerp (weekdays)
  • Local services (L-22) Puurs - Antwerp - Essen - Roosendaal (weekdays)
  • Local services (L-30) Lokeren - Antwerp
Preceding station   SNCB logo.svg National Railway Company of Belgium   Following station
toward Oostende
IC 02
IC 28
toward Puurs
L 22
toward Puurs
Zwijndrecht (B)
toward Lokeren
L 30

Tram services

Tram lines 4 and 24 serve the station, these are operated by De Lijn.

Bus services

Bus services 1, 13, 38, 180, 181, 182, 183, 290, 291, 295, 298 and 500 serve the station, these are operated by De Lijn.

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