Arab Parliament

Arab Parliament
البرلمان العربي
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Parliamentary Union overview
FormedDecember 27, 2002 (2002-12-27)
HeadquartersTahrir Square, Cairo
MottoFor the promotion of democracy and stable development
Parliamentary Union executive
Arab League members
A chart indicates the number of seats for each member state in the Arab Parliament, 2020

The Arab Parliament is the legislative body of the Arab League. At the 19th Arab League Summit in Amman, the Arab states agreed to create an Arab Parliament, and came up with a resolution to give Amr Moussa the Secretary General of the Arab League the power to start and create the Parliament. In 2004, in the ordinary Arab League Summit in Algiers was the official date where all Arab League Members agreed to send their representative to the temporary Parliament sessions that took place in the headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo, Egypt, with each member state sending four members, until the Parliament is reassigned permanently to its under-construction office in Damascus.

The headquarters was in Damascus until on May 22, 2012, the sessions were suspended and transferred to Cairo. The Arab League is now preparing to move the headquarters of the parliament to Baghdad.

Adel Al Asoomi (of Bahrain) is the current Speaker of the Parliament.

List of Members of the Parliament

  • Algeria : Abd-Allah Bousnan
  • Algeria : Abd-El-Hak Boumashra
  • Algeria : Ammar Sa'adany
  • Algeria : Amr Bouiflan
  • Bahrain : Abd-El-Aziz Abd-Allah Al-Moussiy
  • Comoros : Elwei Sayed Muhammed
  • Comoros : Nour-Eddine Midlaj
  • Djibouti : Abd-El-Rahman Hassan Riala
  • Djibouti : Fahmy Ahmed Muhammed Al-Hajj
  • Djibouti : Moemen Bahdoun Fareh
  • Djibouti : Muhammed Edwita Yousif
  • Egypt : Mostafa El-Feqqy
  • Egypt : Raga'a Ismail al Arabi
  • Egypt : Sa'ad Gamal
  • Egypt : Sana Abd El-Mene'em El-Banna
  • Iraq : Abbas Al-Biat. i
  • Iraq : Moufid El-Jaza'ery
  • Iraq : Nour-Eddine Sa'id El-Heyaly



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